Afternoon Tea

Afternoon Tea is one of the best kept secrets in town. JoLynn Dingler has collected some of the most delicate and special items that you will find anywhere. In a very small space, she has a mix/match of various qualities and hues of blue china. Sitting next to a demitasse cup, you may find a fur muff or a satin evening bag. Look for quaint small plaques and pictures from days gone by and sterling silver serving pieces that once graced a table for special occasions. Also tucked away are copper molds, pewter plates and precious figurines. One thing we have noticed is that JoLynn brings in the unusual and special items that most collectors are thrilled to discover!

JoLynn's love for the "search and hunt" makes it difficult sometimes for her to part with newfound treasures. That's why her space is so special - you just know each thing you see and touch has a story and a past. Nothing is ordinary!!!